The Shetland Alcohol & Drugs Partnership is a multi-agency group including representation from the NHS, SIC, Fire & Rescue Services, Police Scotland and the Charitable Sector that works towards reducing the harmful impact of alcohol and drugs in Shetland.


The Shetland Alcohol & Drugs Partnership bases its strategic priorities on those set out be the Scottish Government.  We aim to translate the priorities into a local context and work together to deliver them.  The five overarching priorities are as follows:


    • Fewer people develop problem drug or alcohol use
    • People access and benefit from effective, integrated, person centred support to achieve their recovery
    • Children and Families affected by alcohol and drug use will be safe, healthy, included and supported
    • Vulnerable people are diverted from the justice system wherever possible and those within justice settings are fully supported
    • People who experience alcohol or drug related harm do not experience stigma or discrimination