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Dogs Against Drugs


Dogs Against Drugs (In memory of John) is a registered Scottish charity and community led project which was started in 2002 by people in Shetland, in an effort to help to safeguard the islands from the issue of illegal drugs.

We provide Drugs Detection Dogs for use in Shetland to Detect and Deter Illegal Substances. We work closely with Police Scotland and other partner agencies in providing this service.

We also work in delivering drug education presentations to all ages of pupils throughout local schools. This work includes ‘signposting’ helping young people get the correct information on a range of topics relevant to them.

The charity also offers its education services to many other organisations and is actively involved in giving drugs awareness training to businesses and community groups all over the island.


Contact Details


Dogs Against Drugs

PO Box 11676



Email address: [email protected]

Website – Dogs Against Drugs – Detecting and Deterring Drugs in Shetland

OPEN Project

Voluntary Action Shetland
Market House
14 Market Street

Tel:  tel:441595743900

OPEN Project | Voluntary Action Shetland


Shetland Community Bike Project  (SCIO)  charity number SCO51884


The Shetland Community Bike Project provides supported employment and volunteer opportunities to people with significant barriers to work.  Individuals can self-refer or be referred from partnership agencies to our zero-tolerance  project. Barriers can include, alcohol/ substance use, criminal records, mental health issues, low self-esteem, homelessness, and those who may have a chaotic lifestyle.  We aim to successfully support and assist to remove these  barriers and  provide work in a supportive environment.   Individuals will benefit from being in a working routine, working with others , maintain good timekeeping, improve their CV and progress into mainstream employment,  whilst leading a  healthier lifestyle.  Training opportunities are also available i.e. First Aid, Health and Safety, manual handling and any other relevant training identified.


Contact Details

Shetland Community Bike Project  (SCIO)  charity number SCO51884

16-18 Commercial Road



Tel: 01595 690077

Email address: [email protected]


Shetland Recovery Hub & Community Network



The Shetland Recovery Hub & Community Network provides a drop-in service and one to one support for people who are experiencing problems due to alcohol or substance use, along with support to families and loved ones. The Hub offers people access to a range of different services all under one roof. These include financial, housing. Support and advice, digital support as well as health and well-being services. Naloxone is available for those with lived and living experience and their families. There is also access to sterile injecting equipment. Housing Support Services are available weekly, and Substance Misuse Service support workers visit the Hub. Support with oral health issues is available. The following support groups meet regularly, Family Affected By, Women in Recovery, Women’s Recovery Group, Cocaine Anonymous, and a social evening weekly.


Contact Details

Shetland Recovery Hub & Community Network

Pitt Lane,


ZE1 0DW,

Tel: 01595 744402

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Shetland Recovery Hub & Community Network



SMRS (Substance Misuse Recovery Service)

Lerwick Health Centre

Tel: 01595 743006